Global Market Place

Delivers customised inventory audiences and data to assist traders in achieving their KPIs in sensitive categorise globally including Russia and China Our platform allows brands to tap into an entire universe of contextual, search or first party data to deliver campaigns at scale anywhere in the world.

Cookieless Audience Targeting

Our audience and proprietary contextual solutions have zero reliance on third party cookies, avoiding any digital advertising disruption once they are obsolete. Every thing we do is protected from major regulatory changes to digital advertising in coming years.

Reducing the Complexity of Programmatic Buing Audience

We remove the number of steps our clients are required to take to achieve brand safe performance, solving marketer’s challenges while ensuring they retain control over their budget.

Singular Access to Global Markets

We act as a single point of contact for our client’s digital advertising anywhere in the world. removing geographic barriers and time zones to give unrivalled access. This vastly reduces the need to directly navigate the often-complex structure of partners involved in every placement.

Unlock Your Potential in Russia & China with Our Precision Targeting

As a cutting-edge digital media ad tech house, our unparalleled targeting capabilities in Russia and China markets can revolutionize your digital marketing strategy. Through our state-of-the-art algorithms and data-driven approach, we can precisely pinpoint your desired audience and engage them with compelling digital media ads. With access to the largest online audience in Eastern Europe, we can help you connect with your Russian audience on a whole new level. In China, our strategic partnerships with top local platforms and data providers enable us to deliver targeted ads that maximize your ROI. Trust us to elevate your digital marketing game in these dynamic markets.

Advanced Targeting for Sensitive Categories: Reach Your Audience Responsibly

Advertising in sensitive categories like alcohol, tobacco, and gambling requires a delicate touch, and that’s where our advanced targeting capabilities come in. We can help you reach your target audience while adhering to industry regulations and advertising guidelines. Our data-driven approach ensures that your ads are seen by those who are of legal age and interested in your product, without compromising on ethical standards. Trust us to deliver your message to the right people, responsibly and effectively.

Insights & Analytics

We deliver billions of digital advertising impressions each year, so we know what works. Our unique and neutral posting enables us to advice regardless of brand or geography. Our enhanced analytics platform means we deliver data solutions for marketers that surpass existing methods used around the world.

Our Partners