Nisnass Will Be Winding Up Business By July 16


Due to the severe damage done on the retail market by Covid-19, another e-commerce has to shut down its business.

Nisnass, a beauty and fashion venture from Al Tayer Insignia, recently announced that they no longer be operating from Thursday, June 16. Therefore, it is offering a 90% discount on its products.


Image credit -Al Tayer

However, Ounass, the sister company of the Nisnass, will still be fully operational.

Nisnass started its journey in the e-commerce market in the month of January, the year 2018. Nisnass started its user interaction with a mobile application. Therefore, it made sure to provide the users best on-hand experience, in terms of online shopping. Later, it also expanded the market with the help of a desktop website.

They had a brilliant strategy in terms of delivery! They delivered the product within 2-hours if in Dubai. Also, they assured a next day delivery in all over UAE.

Collection on the website offered the best products and services. Their wide variety range of products, extending from men to women and even for kids. The product range also offered beauty products, homewares and clothing.

In an email, Al Tayer announced the closure, stating: “As with many start-ups, we are compelled to continuously review our trajectory and focus our resources towards achieving our mission in the most effective way”.

They further added, “Nisnass has played an instrumental role in our evolutionary journey and has valuably contributed to the maturity of our organisation and the growth of our digital team.”

Although, they provided no specific reason for the sudden closure.

However, according to Al Tayer, they would be refocussing their “talent, absolute focus and resources into accelerating the successful growth of Ounass as the leader in the Middle East online luxury sphere”.

The news of the closure was sudden, and disheartening for the customers. Earlier, The Modist, Dubai e-tailor had to close its business due to the global crisis. They were operational for 3-years and closed their business, two months ago.

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