Dubizzle Launches Their Own Self-served Advertising Platform


During these tough times of epidemic, the world has seen a new phase of the market. It has evolved tremendously with new technology and techniques. As all the customers are spending more time online, businesses must promote their products on multiple online platforms.


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To help marketers promote their products online to the right audience in UAE, Dubizzle has come up with a unique way of running campaigns. Recently, Dubizzle has launched an attribute on its website, called “Campaign Manager”.

With the Campaign Manager feature, now it would be even easier to create and launch campaigns on the website. It will help people to target the right audience, and achieve the best output in sales for their products.

Dubizzle is quite popular among people of the UAE. It is a multipurpose website. People use the website to buy/sell products and real estates, they use it to search for jobs and even for promoting their products. It helps users grow their businesses by online promotions and sharing the essential details with the right audience.


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It has nearly 4,000,000 active monthly users! With the help of Dubizzle campaign manager, it is now even easier to connect to the right audience. It is a self-service advertising platform. Hence, will help you to pick the right audience and target them for your product sale and promotion. It has the largest in-market audience, across UAE.

The Campaign manager helps you to keep track of your activities. You can check daily reports generated by analysing the data of your ongoing campaign. All of it can be done by spending the right amount on the advertisement. You can even personalise a suitable budget for your campaign.

Register Now: https://business.dubizzle.com/advertisers/self-service/

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